Fully experience living in West Sumatra

Sawahlunto is a historic mining town in West Sumatra and is known as the black pearl. As a small town that built itself on the success of the coal mining industry, Sawahlunto today has become an attractive tourist destination that offers nostalgic traces of an old mining town. The heritage hotel built to cater Dutch scientists and geologists still stands gallantly among other century-old buildings. Sawahlunto became a small but important place with public facilities, offices, hotels, and shops. Nowadays, the old mining town with beautiful colonial buildings is a tourist attraction.

Inna Ombilin Heritage

Located at the heart of Sawahlunto town, Inna Ombilin Heritage Hotel is a world heritage hotel able to satisfy the different needs of its guests with comfort and exquisite services. At Inna Ombilin Heritage Hotel you will be welcomed amongst green hills, serene town ambience, spacious gardens with heritage residence building while enjoying a cup of coffee at our coffee shop.

Eten Coffee Shop

At Eten Coffee Shop is where we will serve you our finest cuisine and afternoon tea service with a fusion Indonesian twist local bistro food.